Desk with electric adjustable height EGON, 1100, 1100 x 720 x 600 mm, black/ walnut

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JAN NOWAK desk with electric adjustable height EGON 1100

Comfort of work is the key!

Did you know that now, even at home, you can have a comfortable and ergonomic workplace? The EGON 1100 is an innovative adjustable electric desk that is perfect for a home office. All this is due to the combination of a neat compact design with unique technology that actively supports health and comfort of work. 

Long hours spent at a desk can have negative health effects. To prevent this from happening, specialists recommend changing the position of the body from time to time. Our smart height-adjustable desk will not only give you the opportunity to work in a standing position but will also actively suggest you to change this position after some time. Thanks to the integrated memory, it is possible to set the most optimal height for sitting and standing work by pressing just one button. 

But that's not all. Discover the unique accessories that the EGON desk is equipped with. The holder for headphones or a cup will make the 110 cm width of your desktop even more efficient. To increase the comfort of your work we have added a unique soft XL mouse pad. 


Thanks to the height adjustment, you will always work exactly the way you want. Either a sitting or standing position will be comfortable and stable. The level of the desktop - perfectly suited to your figure because the height range is 72-117 cm. The hoist mechanism is reliable and works extremely smoothly and quietly - the noise level is less than 50 dB.

The adjustment mechanism has a Memory function and remembers the height chosen by you. You can choose the desktop setting that is most suitable for your figure only once. EGON will provide you with it every time you press the appropriate button. We took care of the smallest detail!


Changing positions during long hours of desk work is a must if you want to take care of your health and posture. Fortunately, our electric desk has the IQ Reminder - a function that reminds you every 30, 40 or 60 minutes to raise or lower the desktop and continue working in a different position. You will gain the necessary safety and full comfort. 

The IQ Reminder was created so that the need to remember to change position does not interfere with your work or study. We have thought about everything!


Ergonomics is essential whereas a carefully designed body is a way to make work not only safe but also much more enjoyable. Our height-adjustable desk has two sturdy useful handles - one is designed for headphones or whatever you need to have close at hand wheras the other can hold your cup. The handles provide you with comfort, allow you to keep order on the desktop and prevent accidents by protecting equipment or documents from liquids.


A well-organized workplace facilitates the performance of your tasks. That is why our electric desk at the back of the desktop has a special cable organizer - it allows you to keep the necessary order among cables and prevents them from tangling. Moreover, the bottom of the desktop is equipped with special clips that support the cable of the height adjustment mechanism. 

Our electric desk looks great and gives the interior an elegant character and turn the room into a perfect work space - properly organized and tidy.


EGON has a durable 110 cm wide desktop that can withstand up to 80 kg! Our height-adjustable desk offers plenty of space for everything you need to do in your daily work.

The soft pad allows you to rest your forearms comfortably and move the mouse smoothly so you can certainly appreciate its quality. We designed it in to be X-Large to look original and provide full comfort.


Daily work in front of a computer screen does not have to be harmful and dangerous to posture. A height-adjustable desk is a great way to combine sitting and standing work into an ergonomic whole. EGON will take care of your comfort and safety for many years. 

What's more?

  • distance between legs: 77.5 cm
  • desk lift engine: power 24V, speed 4000 RPM
  • MDF desktop 
More Information
Model EGON
Promotion No
EAN 5904405570418
SKU 1376
Shipping time 48
Size 100 cm
Features load capacity 80 kg, height adjustment, cup holder, headphones holder
Color walnut
Weight 19.000000
Width 110
Depth 60
Height 72

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